Support SPARC!

We’ve been around for nearly 30 years, so we’re not going anywhere – with your help!  We know you appreciate the fine programs SPARC provides to the youth in our communities, and want to help.  We at SPARC can get very creative in helping you find ways to do it!  For instance:

Ukrops Golden Gift Program

Golden Gift LogoBuy groceries at your favorite local grocery store, and support your favorite performing arts school!  The 2009 Ukrop’s Golden Gift program runs from March 2 – March 28.  Shop like crazy during this period and fill up that freezer! Ukrop’s gives back $200,000 of their hard-earned cash every year to registered non-profits benefiting YOU.  Here’s how it works:

  • U shop and save at Ukrop’s with your Valued Customer Card
  • Ukrop’s mails U a Golden Gift Certificate in May with Ur points tallied up
  • U mail them to SPARC by May 31st
  • U relax and feel good, knowing U’ve helped SPARC continue its mission!

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